2011: Habitat Enhancement Plan Completed

Habitat Restoration

The habitat enhancement plan was completed in 2011.  Accomplishments included rehabilitation of the sharp slope break between the upper flat portion of the property and the seaward rocky slope. This transitional area was used for disposal of demolition rubble from the prior house site.  Clean sand and fill were brought in to bury the remaining concrete rubble and to create a landscaped transition at the crown of the slope to provide for additional shearwater nesting habitat.  The construction of rock borders and groupings among sand mounds in 2011 also provided additional burrows for nesting..  Additional installation of native plantings served to enhance the dry land coastal habitat restoration.  A photographic record of native plants now thriving at the Preserve was created in 2011 and is ongoing.  The images are used for monitoring the biota, for training volunteers, and for educational presentations and projects.

Research Summary

Shown below as printed in ‘Elepaio, March/April 2012, 72:2, p.13-14